The PAL Center is wired for our members to use our computers for school work. Visitors will also have access to free WiFi.

First Aid

CPR class

Starting in February 2014 the PAL will be offering First Aid and CPR classes to our members. The student will only have to pay for their classroom materials but instruction will be provided free. Tremendous opportunity for our babysitters.



We are in full swing with our pitching and batting clinics. John Macchia, President of Ramapo ASA is running programs for our members. For information call (845)290-0000 or email Ramapopal@yahoo.com



Max Tassy is currently training at the PAL Center getting ready for his first debut professional fight. We are all excited for Max especially the young fighters who get a rare opportunity to work with Max. 

On November 22, 2013 Max Tassy won his professional fighting debut. He is now considered an undefeated professional fighter.


Girls travel

Volley ball

Starting in January 2014

Chestnut Ridge


Offers free pick up and drop off shuttle bus service for Spring Valley High School and Ramapo High School Students Monday-Friday. Students can get the schedule at their main office.